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 Skośności ciąg dlaszy, czyli o pinku eiga raz jeszcze (17 września 2008)

2010-04-23 15:58:38

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Znów brak czasu, choroba filipińska, goście w domu, nagie zwierzęta w łóżku i tym podobne, więc wyręcze się notką, którą dostałem z tym releasem. Sorry. Jak czas pozwoli, to będę bardziej "odsiebny" wkrótce.

First time ever legal reissue of this hyper rare 1976 Japanese erotic artifact. Tiliqua Records continues its quest to bring you forgotten erotic gems out of Tokyo's sleazy underbelly. This time, we could secure the legal rights to Taguchi Kumi's sole recorded LP, following her instant fame after starring in some of Nikkatsu's finest Roman Porno celluloid dreams such as "Tokyo Emmanuelle Fujin" (July 1975), “Tokyo Deep Throat Fujin” (1975) and “Aru Kôkyű Callgirl no Shôgen: Roshutsu” (June 1976). Compiled out of tracks that appeared in the aforementioned porn flicks, the disc is a stunning artifact and will especially appeal to those who were already enthralled by Ike Reiko's erotic mumblings. Taguchi's effort dwells into similar erogenous eras but is more mid-seventies discoed-down and funked-up. Hot dance floor how-downs spiced up with erotic moaning and hissings. Erotic and sesunsual mid-seventies night clubbing with a psyched feel attached to it, hell Taguchi even ventures in the team of Deep Throat and leaves nothing to the imagination. A release that once again proves that late sixties and early seventies Tokyo was a wicked and perverse place to be. In short it is a stunning and historical Iroke gem of oblivious times, restored to its original state and by doing so we repositioned it into the pantheon of forgotten erotic artifacts. Digital remastered from the original master tapes, original artwork and housed in a heavy duty deluxe mini-LP styled gatefold jacket. Comes with hot obi artwork and illuminating liner notes by Mogura Dan (with translation by Johan Wellens). One time edition limited to 1000 copies.


Taguchi Kumi - Tokyo Emanuelle Fujin - Amai Yoru no Tamakeiki


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