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 Let's Wrestle!!!

2010-04-20 23:45:35

Ja vs. Wesley Patrick Gonzalez, Let"s Wrestle.


How did Let’s Wrestle come about? What was the driving force behind starting a band?

We started the band because we were held at gun point by the man on the unicorn (he is a popular television host in England) and he just kept screaming rock and roll so we figured he wanted something like what we all know now as Let’s Wrestle.

After the spectacular EP some – including me – hoped for a quick follow-up, but it took you about two years to wrap it up. What took you so long?

It was only one year but we spent most of that year deep sea diving – we are major deep sea diving enthusiasts so we traveled all the way around Africa picking up chicks and taking them to the sea with us.

Your early stuff seems rawer and in a way regressive – it’s meant as complement! But your debut is poppier, polished and even progressive considering the closing instrumental track. What happened?

Something really bad happened but it’s really emotional to talk about…

Let’s wrestle / let’s fucking wrestle seemed to convey the message of you, young boys aiming at the world. Though you claim you’re still in fighting mode the record feels relaxed, filled with distance to the world you’re describing. Again, what happened?

We did the opposite to Christian Bale and stopped punching our relatives and it made us calm down a lot.

On the topic of progress. You sang music if my girlfriend. Any luck with – no offence – real girls?

I’m only into prostitutes… We’re rock stars so everybody fancies us but most of our sexual relations feel completely empty and destroy our souls.

Let’s talk lyrics. Autobiographical yet universal, a bit pretentious yet poetic, very British yet about stuff young people all over the world should be able to relate to. How do you achieve that?

I achieved that with my amazing brain skills and my mouth to exclaim those skilled words out to the masses. Here’s some lyrics that if anyone wants to use they can have Clunge and a Mini-Bar / Sex on a trouser press / Come on baby, Barry White’s taking off your dress.

What’s the current state of Great Britain as seen by Let’s Wrestle?

It’s pretty British for instance now I am wearing a monacle, a top hat, having a cigar and a cup of tea with my friend Winston and every body I know, Arthur, Roderick, Rupert and Giles do the same thing most of the time. It’s a jolly good laugh!

This one feels like taken out from Miss Universe questionnaires, but… What are your goals? What do you want to achieve with your music?

I want to be a huge pop star and win lots of awards and then completely destroy it by saying really inappropriate things and punching people in public.

And finally, do you wrestle?

No never.

[Maj-czerwiec 2009, miało trafić w formie recki na ale nie wyszło]


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