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Dj Hemingway wyrusza do krainy, gdzie słońce też wschodzi

2010-04-30 18:35:28

Dear listeners,

Starting in May, I am going away for a few months to plant trees in the sunny wilderness of British Columbia. I think this adventure of sorts will be enough to muster up some fresh inspiration. Upon my return in August, I will be setting up a new home studio in my parents basement, with brand new gear to usher in my productive reclusion. The plan is to start working on strictly original music and finish a small EP before the year ends. I'm all done school now, so aside from paying off my student loans, there will be much more time for artistic passions.. and perhaps some sailing.

Until then, stay tuned for a musical treat before my departure.

- James


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Dan Snaith to spoko gość

2010-04-29 15:33:34

USOUNDS: What's the craziest dream you've ever had?
CARIBOU: I've had the same dream every night for as long as i can remember. I start out in this tank full of water only i can breathe the water and there are these two naked women looking for me and one of them's trying to have sex with me and the other's trying to kill me but they're identical and there's no way of telling which one's which. Then a bike whizzes past and all of a sudden i'm riding on it through a land made out of decaying pig flesh. I can't get out of 3rd gear and then I wake up. I asked a psychiatrist about it once and he said it probably didn't mean anything and I shouldn't worry about it.
USOUNDS: That is odd because your dreams sound like my reality! Or at least before I decided to clean my act. Dan I want to thank you for doing this interview, it was very courageous of you. Americans and Canadians are scared of me because of my luxurious hair, Teutonic masculinity and genius-level intelligence. You’re very brave—what’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?
CARIBOU: that's a tough one. I do extremely brave things routinely. i was a volunteer firefighter as a teen. more because I was wondering if i was gay and liked that stereotype than anything else. I wasn't (gay) but i did end up with smoke inhalation and the realization that I can do more go as an insurance adjustor. Apart from these and other brave acts I'm a complete chicken and even leaving the house gives me goose bumps.

Cały wywiad.

Quiet Color: But what about the title – Are you really obsessed with Swimming? That’s how you got the title?
Caribou: (laughs) Yeah I am! I mean aside the fact that I wanted it sound watery and all those things, it definitely comes from the fact that the only thing I really did in the past year apart from making music and occasionally going to a club was swimming every day or every couple of days.
Quiet Color: What made you get into that? Was it totally random?
Caribou: I’ve never been a good swimmer or been able to enjoy swimming. I wasn’t scared of water, but I was never able to be like “Oh that would be fun to go for a swim!” So for Christmas last year my wife got me swimming lessons. At first I was like, “Swimming lessons?! What am I 5 years old?” But then very very quickly I became obsessed by it. As soon as I started to do it I was able to enjoy it.

Cały wywiad.

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2010-04-29 15:22:13

Dopadło tysiące innych osób, dorwało i mnie: nie mam czasu. Trzeba ogarniać, riserczować, pisać na Porcysa, nadrabiać zaległości, a przecież w głowie jest jeszcze mnóstwo innych projektów, a przecież chce się rozruszać projekt musicspot (bo naprawdę zajebisty jest), a przecież jest jeszcze życie poza dyskursem muzycznym, a przecież a przecież a przecież. Dlatego ten blog przyjmie bardziej formę zeszyciku-sklejanki zawierającego to co wygooglałem w imię Porcysa. Takie muzyczne na

(Poza tym jestem zbyt prosty chłopak na wasze te wszystkie przypisy i długie słowa)

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